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Best Year of My Life

I'm turning 33 tomorrow, and it's been the best year of my life. I truly believe that we all have what it takes to become more attractive, in better shape, and even more energetic as we get older. This year, I would like to share with you guys a few things that have improved my life. My goal is for everyone who reads this blog to become Rich, Fit and Confident. This is the first year I've been wealthy, the first time in a long time that I'm in a stable, loving, long term relationship with a girl that I genuinely love, and it helps that even though I'm almost in my mid thirties, I'm in the best shape of my life. I somehow won the 2014 Top Ten PUA Coach of the year award even though I only had time to teach 2 bootcamps the entire year. I even had a student try to pay for me to fly me out for a private 1 on 1 this month but I honestly just don't have time. But I want to give back. I don't want to be one of those guys who finally figured it out while everyone else … [Continue Reading]

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A New Chance with Women and at Life.

These past few weeks have given people a lot of time to think about their own lives. I'm hoping that guys who previously spent their time ripping each other apart on hateful online forums have started living their own lives in real life instead of through an online community. It's easy to egg each other on when you're sitting behind a computer screen, talk shit about the world, and think it's normal to be so negative. I left the PUA community in 2008 because I wanted nothing to do with the negativity of it anymore, but because reading The Game and discovering the world of self-help and improvement through wanting to be a pick up artist, I also found a new chance at life in all aspects. I wanted to give back and share what worked and what didn't. It is tempting to name all of so called the seduction gurus and websites that are detrimental to guys wanting to better themselves, but I can't. As I start typing each URL and paragraph I feel a knot in my stomach knowing that … [Continue Reading]

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The Struggle and The Solution.

I don't know what I continue to update this blog. My goal was to completely separate myself from the Pick Up Artist scene years ago, and even though I don't need it at all anymore, something about the struggle that I went through for so many years forces me to keep this blog alive. I just finished teaching my last 2014 bootcamp, I know it's only May, but I don't need the money as I'm doing well with my drop shipping business and I don't need to practice game as I have a long term girlfriend whom I adore. But the reason why I'm writing this today is I still see how many single guys are still trying to figure out shortcuts and tricks to picking up women. I see friends posting stupid videos like the one from Sam Pepper making out with girls on Venice Beach or handcuffing themselves to girls and saying you're now my girlfriend. If you think this video is awesome and it makes you motivated to go out and use this trip to kiss close. You are wasting your time, trust me. … [Continue Reading]

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From AFC to PUA to RFC

I was recently invited on facebook to an Asian PUA group, where I suddenly realized people were still using Pick Up Artist terms such as PUA, HB7.5, Negging, KClose, D2 and other BS. Even though I haven't been part of the PUA Community for over 5 … [Read More]

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Two Months of Success: Three Steps

One of my favorite things and the reason why I continue to update this blog is for the success emails I get from my past students. Check out this week's email from Andrew: "Hey Johnny! How have you been? It’s already been two months since … [Read More]

PUA Phone-Coaching

Phone Coaching is now Avaliable

Hey what's up everyone. Over the years a lot of people have asked me about phone coaching but I've always just told them to take a bootcamp. But I've realized that a lot of people don't have $2,500 to take a 1 on 1 or have the time to fly out to … [Read More]


4 Years Ago vs. Today. The Results.

A friend of mine somehow dug up this old video of mine from 2010. Watching it again today, I realized that I finally took my own advice and achieved all of the results I dreamed of. The very first thing I noticed is how overweight I was in the … [Read More]


Hacking my way to $1,875.10 in Free Travel. Round trip from San Francisco to Thailand.

What's up guys, I was doing some online banking and paying off credit cards while on the phone with my friend Chris and said out loud, wow I can't believe how much cash I have in my bank, too bad it's not all mine. I had just booked a total of six … [Read More]

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Case Study: My Dropshipping Business.

For those who don't know, back in May 2013 I met a guy named Anton and learned about eCommerce using the Drop Shipping model. Since then it has been my primary form of income and has completely replaced my normal paycheck. Building a Six Figure … [Read More]

2014 Full Moon Party Bootcamp Review

Hey guys, I'm getting ready to do my last Full Moon Party Bootcamp and am EXCITED. It's such a great time, tons of fun and most importantly it's a fantastic place to teach a bootcamp. Perfect timing as the 1 on 1 student from January just posted a … [Read More]

2014 incredible

14 Things You Can Do in 2014

Hey what's up guys, I hope everyone had a good holiday break and is enjoying the new year. If you're not 1000% happy with your life this is the perfect time to get started and make your life incredible. Exactly one year ago, I was out of shape, … [Read More]


Get a Girlfriend by Being a Great Catch. Latest Pick Up Artist Tactic!

I don't talk about dating, pick up, or relationships much but I know a lot of guys that read this blog are still in the mindset of wanting to be a pick up artist or sleep with a ton of hot girls. Well here's the latest PUA Tactic, and this one … [Read More]

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Hacking Airline Miles for Free Flights and Hotels.

This is a cool little trick I accidently stumbled upon but wish I knew about sooner. I've always had some type of rewards card but it seemed like my reward checks were never more than a hundred bucks or so per year. Then I signed up for the … [Read More]


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