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From AFC to PUA to RFC

I was recently invited on facebook to an Asian PUA group, where I suddenly realized people were still using Pick Up Artist terms such as PUA, HB7.5, Negging, KClose, D2 and other BS. Even though I haven't been part of the PUA Community for over 5 years ago I felt that people are still going through the same struggles as I did when I first started and that by sharing my journey people could hopefully get on the right track sooner and not waste 7 years of their life. Here is my journey, the dates are approximate: 2006 - Read "The Game" got into the PUA Community. 2007 - Figured out tricks and tactics to pick up women and get fast make outs, numbers and one night stands. 2008 - Started working in the PUA Community as an Instructor, wanted to break all Asian stereotypes and help every Asian guy bang a HB10 White Chick. 2009 - Thought all PUA knowledge was bullshit and that we should all be Natural. 2010 - Realized that being 100% natural doesn't actually do … [Continue Reading]

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Two Months of Success: Three Steps

One of my favorite things and the reason why I continue to update this blog is for the success emails I get from my past students. Check out this week's email from Andrew: "Hey Johnny! How have you been? It’s already been two months since the time I spent time at the epic Full Moon Party Bootcamp in Thailand. I want to keep in touch and give you an update after the bootcamp. I’ve been following your blog and facebook and see that you were in Saigon for about a month. It seems like you had a great time over there. Relationship, sex life, business, and fitness / health have been great during the past two months. I’ve been working on my goals and daily method of actions to work on my business. I’ve been focusing on my productivity and cut out the non-productive activities bit by bit. I’ve been working out at the gym and home 5 times a week and work more on getting more muscle mass and losing more fat. I’m focusing on back & leg workouts and also work on my flexibility to … [Continue Reading]

PUA Phone-Coaching

Phone Coaching is now Avaliable

Hey what's up everyone. Over the years a lot of people have asked me about phone coaching but I've always just told them to take a bootcamp. But I've realized that a lot of people don't have $2,500 to take a 1 on 1 or have the time to fly out to whatever I am in the world just to do a three day session. I've also realized recently that a big part of my success in pick up, relationships, business, getting in shape and achieving my life goals has been because of the mentors in my life. Having someone to talk to on a regular basis who is already successful is priceless in terms of reaching your own goals. I don't have a ton of free time on my hands, but I realize how important it is for people just getting started to have someone to turn to for guidance. I'm happy to announce that I'm opening up phone coaching for up to five students per month. I have to limit it as it is very time consuming, so if you are intrested, sign up for a package below and we can figure out a time … [Continue Reading]


4 Years Ago vs. Today. The Results.

A friend of mine somehow dug up this old video of mine from 2010. Watching it again today, I realized that I finally took my own advice and achieved all of the results I dreamed of. The very first thing I noticed is how overweight I was in the … [Read More]


Hacking my way to $1,875.10 in Free Travel. Round trip from San Francisco to Thailand.

What's up guys, I was doing some online banking and paying off credit cards while on the phone with my friend Chris and said out loud, wow I can't believe how much cash I have in my bank, too bad it's not all mine. I had just booked a total of six … [Read More]

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Case Study: My Dropshipping Business.

For those who don't know, back in May 2013 I met a guy named Anton and learned about eCommerce using the Drop Shipping model. Since then it has been my primary form of income and has completely replaced my normal paycheck. Building a Six Figure … [Read More]

2014 Full Moon Party Bootcamp Review

Hey guys, I'm getting ready to do my last Full Moon Party Bootcamp and am EXCITED. It's such a great time, tons of fun and most importantly it's a fantastic place to teach a bootcamp. Perfect timing as the 1 on 1 student from January just posted a … [Read More]

2014 incredible

14 Things You Can Do in 2014

Hey what's up guys, I hope everyone had a good holiday break and is enjoying the new year. If you're not 1000% happy with your life this is the perfect time to get started and make your life incredible. Exactly one year ago, I was out of shape, … [Read More]


Get a Girlfriend by Being a Great Catch. Latest Pick Up Artist Tactic!

I don't talk about dating, pick up, or relationships much but I know a lot of guys that read this blog are still in the mindset of wanting to be a pick up artist or sleep with a ton of hot girls. Well here's the latest PUA Tactic, and this one … [Read More]

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Hacking Airline Miles for Free Flights and Hotels.

This is a cool little trick I accidently stumbled upon but wish I knew about sooner. I've always had some type of rewards card but it seemed like my reward checks were never more than a hundred bucks or so per year. Then I signed up for the … [Read More]


Johnny Wolf is now “rich”, decently-fit, and Confident. – 6 month progress.

Hey guys, I wanted to give everyone an updated on the Rich, Fit and Confident experiment. It's been 6 months since I started and things have drastically changed for the better. Six months ago I was out of shape, living as cheaply as possible, and … [Read More]

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The Asian Fob Scores using Social Circle Game and BLP.

Some people ask why I continue to teach bootcamps even though I really don't want anything to do with the Pick Up Artist community and some of the creeps in it. Especially now that I have a business that is doing well and I really don't need the … [Read More]

Swimming Pool Pull

Logistics Gets You Laid. Why You Should Have a Rooftop Pool.

There are a lot of things I've always known work, but I knew I didn't have it, and most likely wouldn't be able to obtain it. These things included having six pack abs, being in incredible shape, being rich, and having an amazing house with a … [Read More]


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